Chair of Trustees Dr Robert Rowe

Robert was, for a number of years, Senior Partner of a firm of Solicitors in the West End of London and through his practice met many people whose family relationships had broken down. He also has a doctorate in Biblical Studies, which was published in 2002 under the title "God's kingdom and God's son".

In addition to time spent with his own family, Robert is closely involved with his local Anglican church and is concerned with encouraging the application of Christian insights to various areas of secular thought and practice, including Family Matters.

Trustee – David Brown FCA

A highly experienced Chartered Accountant, David Brown qualified in 1964, when he was appointed Chief Accountant, then Financial Director, of Biggs Wall & Co Civil Engineers, employing some 700 people, and became Chief Executive of their modernisation subsidiary company.

David then worked as Chief Accountant for Ashby & Horner, the oldest building company in London, working alongside the Financial Director of Bovis. He was then appointed Financial Director of IFR, one of the most profitable companies of the Thomson Group, providing weekly banking information worldwide.

In 1989 David became a Partner in an accountancy practice and founded his own practice in 1996. He was appointed Chairman of a Christian Conference Centre and also a company selling right-to-buy mortgages and recently became a Financial Director of a development company. In addition, he is a Trustee of several charitable companies including The Family Matters Institute.

David is married to Joyce, has two children and four grandchildren. He is a school governor, lay preacher and sings with a choir in the Albert Hall.

Trustee – David Gibson

David & his wife Lorraine have four grown-up children and a grandson. They work in the area of marriage support with the charity "Time for Marriage". David, who trained as a musician, taught for 20 years, and has been involved in church leadership for over 30 years. He was on the full-time staff of a Bedford church, but "retired" in 2014, though he and his wife are still actively involved in Christian ministry.

Trustee – Alan McCormick

Alan spent the majority of his career in the Aerospace and Defence industry. At the age of 50 he moved into the third sector and took on responsibility for Mission Direct, a Christian charity that builds schools, medical facilities, safe houses and homes for some of our world’s poorest in 11 countries round the world. He is passionate about supporting the vulnerable and those living on the edge.



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