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BTEC in Forest Schools Skills Advanced Award Level 3


You will learn to plan appropriate outdoor activities and experiences aimed to promote participants' learning and development. You will learn to plan these activities within the constraints of the setting, safety and the needs of participants, carers and staff. You will learn to use the resources and how to set and use evaluation criteria including monitoring, observing and recording. You will teach 6 sessions of 1.5 hours each with your chosen client group, keeping a logbook of activities and development.

Learner Outcomes

You will learn a wide range of practical skills including listening, movement, touch and sight. Youwill be taught how to teach the safe use of tools, (pen knives / saws), including safety proceduresand uses for each tool. Uses for various types of wood and conservation issues will form a part of your learning experience. Basic construction of structures: Participants will learn to build structures using natural materials to various designs. You will learn basic knots and lashings and recognition of natural shapes in wood to aid construction. Types and construction of fires: You will be able to supervise participants building and lighting fires to cook meals on, including safety procedures, the fire triangle, fuels and tinder. You will need to attend for 90% of the sessions, including an Outdoor skills Practical Assessments.

Target Audience

Those who are interested in setting up and running a Forest School, or delivering Forest School sessions, where you will work with children, young adults or others in an outdoor environment.

Course Length

5 Day Course
Plus an outdoor assessment skills

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