• My Baby's Brain 625 x 417

    My Baby’s Brain

    There is an abundance of literature advocating that the optimum time for brain development is within the first few years of life and that the primary care giver has an essential part to play in this developmental process. This has been highlighted in a number of recent high profile reports (Paterson, 2011, Field, 2010, Allen, 2011). Field (2010) […]

  • Violence, Pornography and the Media

    There is mounting evidence from teachers, social workers, probation officers, doctors, psychiatrists, paediatricians, as well as from the police and prison service that there is a link between scenes of violence depicted on film, TV and video and human behaviour. The working party has drawn together a large body of evidence of this link, a […]

  • The Cost of Family Breakdown

    The family in Britain is in crisis. This acknowledged by commentators across the political and social spectrum. Family breakdown is widespread. Few people do not know someone whose family has been affected by separation, divorce, cohabitation or single parenthood. The whole of society is affected by the social consequenes of family breakdown. It impairs the […]

  • Sundays

    More than Sundays

    There is evidential success of the CWDC’s Local Workforce Strategy Partners Programmes (WSPP) in engaging the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in the Workforce Reform agenda. Nevertheless, workforce reform amongst “noncommissioned services” such as those provided by the Christian Church in England is not robustly addressed. The Christian Church provides a large volume of noncommissioned, […]

  • Family Matters

    In this report the compilers and consultants have drawn together a large number of the most recent studies and compared and analysed the findings in the studies. Each of these studies has looked at a particular aspect of the family and provided important data on the subject. This report uses that data to provide a […]

  • Sex Under Sixteen?

    Sexual activity amongst teenagers in Britain is becoming more and more widespread, or, as our authors put it, 'normative'. Perhaps a more realistic adjective would have been 'recreational'. Unsurprisingly, given such dangerous behaviour, Britain has the highest incidence of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe, with nearly 50,000 live births to women under twenty in 1998. […]

  • Does Your Mother Know?

    The home environment is the most significant influence determining whether or not young teenagers are sexually active. Married couple families where the parents have good relationships with their-children and communicate effectively with them are the least likely to have teenagers involved in underage sex. When parents show practical concern for the welfare of their young […]

  • do_grandparents_matter

    Do Grandparents Matter?

    The report brings together the results of research jointly undertaken by the University of Hertfordshire and the Family Matters Institute of the views of children in relation to their grandparents and the grand-parenting experience of grandparents. It reveals a unique relationship that exists between the older generation and the youngest. It is a relationship of […]