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    Fathers in your workplace

    Work and home – managing the divided loyalties – work-life balance and what it is. Flexible working options – exploring your organisation’s policies. Partners in parenthood – supporting the adult couple relationship General information e.g. family finances (tax credits etc.) childcare options, parental leave, etc Click explore to find out more.

  • Engage young parents in supporting their children’s development

    The aim of this course to help young parents engage in children’s development. The course focuses on providing key understandings for young parents on areas on parenthood, stressful relationships and needs of children. Click to explore to find out more.

  • Engaging Fathers in the Children’s Early Years

    This course covers one QCF Unit and both the Level 1 Work With Parents and children & Young Peoples Workforce Diploma qualifications. It proves the opportunity for practitioners to use the 3 credits towards these qualifications and is accredited by City & Guilds (the same unit can also be accredited by CACHE). This unit is linked to the National Occupational Standards for Work for Parents (WWP) units WWP 310 & WWP 312 and Children’s care, Learning and Development (CCLD) units CCLD 304, CCLD 317 and CCLD 301. Click explore to find out more.

  • Engaging in a positive way with fathers

    This ½ day interactive workshop introduces practitioners to both the underpinning evidence for the benefits of the involvement of fathers in children’s lives and explores practical ways to achieve this. This includes exploring the workers own experiencing of being fathered and how this impacts on their practice. Click explore to find out more.