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Family Quality Time

We have been working closely with our partners at Lindt& Sprungli (UK) to explore the importance of spending quality time together as a family.


Family quality time is something that many families recognise as important; but what does research demonstrate to be the actual key benefits? Why can spending time together be difficult, and what can be done to combat this?

Lindt are committed to families spending quality time together, whether it’s their own employees or their consumers’ families, particularly around Easter and Christmas time. Whilst gifting quality chocolate brings specialness to these occasions, Lindt recognises that what makes these moments truly magic is being around your loved ones. To this end, they organise family events, such as Easter hunts, that all generations can enjoy together and are seeking advice from ourselves on how to encourage even more – and better - quality family time.

Our research findings reveal that there are numerous positive outcomes for spending quality time together as a family; the benefits for children and adults alike are happiness, increased wellbeing and sense of belonging, as well as influencing the child’s life choices and development.

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