Herts WWP FAQs

1. I have already completed the Families Going Forward Outreach Worker training, are any of these courses for me?

Yes the various top-up options will allow you to build on course and complete a full Level 3 Award in Work with Parents.  However, if you have not successfully completed the portfolio for Unit 300, there may now be additional fees for marking.

2. I have completed the Level 3 Award in Hertfordshire last year, are any of these courses relevant to me?

Yes. It is unlikely that you have covered all of the top-up units and so you could attend these addition 1 or 2 day courses and continue your learning.  These Units will help learners build towards a Certificate at Level 3.

3. Will lunch be provided on the training?

No unfortunately due to budget constraints we are only able to provide tea, coffee and biscuits (we will do our best to ensure there are sweets too!)

4. If I have done SWiS Parent Support do I need to do the Level 3 WWP?

You would need to do the Level 3 WWP if you are running parenting programmes or parenting support groups. The SWiS course will have covered what is needed if you work individually with parents. As you have already done much of the WWP course we suggest you contact us to discuss the options with a tutor or book on the main enhanced Unit 300 and go from there.

5. If I have done the Level 2 Facilitator training will this count toward the Level 3 WWP?

If you have done the level 2 course you will probably have started supporting parents through groups work or 1:1 already and this experience will stand you in good stead for the course.  For Unit 308 you will need to run a course during or shortly after the taught section in order to complete your portfolio. Although there will be some familiar elements from the level 2 course, this level of award requires more in-depth evidence of understanding and demonstration of your competence as a practitioner. You will need to gather new evidence of your abilities to achieve the accreditation.

6. If I have done a Level 3 WWP through another awarding body do I still need to do the C&G course?

We will need to see your certificate and the content of the units in order to understand how this fits with the City and Guilds Units we are offering.

7. Do I have to be running groups to do this training?

Yes for Unit 308 top-up course you will need to be involved in running at least one parenting support group or parenting programme to complete the accreditation.

8. If I have trained to deliver a NAPR / Commissioning Toolkit approved evidence based parenting course do I need to do the WWP course too?

Yes, definitely. Evidence based parenting programme training develops knowledge of the programme and how to deliver it. This course is designed to complement this learning providing the underpinning learning to enable you to be an effective and competent practitioner in running groups and working with individual parents.

9. If I choose not to take up this training, how will this affect me?

Hertfordshire County Council is keen to promote good working practices. In the ideal world they would like all those who work with parents to have at least a level 3 relevant qualification. Those of you who are looking to become quality assured providers or who wish to obtain HCC funding will need to complete this qualification.

10. If I only deliver parenting support on a 1-1 basis do I need to do this course?

Yes, if you do not already have a relevant level 3 qualification we would recommend the enhanced Unit 300, plus one of the top-up Units.

11. I am a PSW and I run a support group and hope to run parenting courses, should I be doing this course?

Yes, PSW who are involved in running parenting programmes should be able to access the WWP training.

12. I only work a 15 hour week so it is not possible for me to spend 14 hours a week with parents, can I still apply?

If you spend two fifths or more of you time in your role in face-to-face contact with parents this will be sufficient to meet the requirements.

13. I want to progress to Level 4 Work with Parents, how do I do this?

Family Matters Institute does offer a Level 4 Awards (Unit 400 or Unit 400, 401 and 402), and has delivered this to practitioners working in Herts.  However this option is not currently funded and so please contact us if you are interested in this option.

14. How long do I have after the course to submit my portfolio?

In order to support learners to achieve accreditation most of the courses will contain interim submission deadlines to allow our Tutor/Assessors to mark your work and give feedback.  Learners will need to commit to submitting their portfolios usually 1 month after the end of their course.  The Assessment team will then work to mark portfolios within 5 weeks and where work is referred or doesn’t quite meet the standard will offer either Professional Discussions or Questions & Answers, usually allowing upto another two weeks for submission.  Learners can submit work as many times as they like within these deadlines and therefore early submission or work &/or referred work is recommended.

15. Can I have my portfolio back after it’s been marked?

We will be using an e-portfolio system and so yes you can take a copy of your portfolio.  If you opt to compete a paper portfolio (not recommended) because Family Matters Institute is on direct claims as a City & Guilds Centre, we are required to retain your portfolio until the next annual visit from our External Verifier, which is expected during the August 2014, and so we will not be able to return it until after that.  Please submit a cheque for £4.95 with your portfolio to cover postage.

16. Will I need to book on more than one course? Do I need to submit two applications?

Yes you will need to book on each course you want to attend, but you only need to submit the detailed information once (these fields will be optional of the top-up courses.  Many web browsers will autofill many of the boxes on the web form to make these easier too.