More than Sundays

There is evidential success of the CWDC’s Local Workforce Strategy Partners Programmes (WSPP) in engaging the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in the Workforce Reform agenda. Nevertheless, workforce reform amongst “noncommissioned services” such as those provided by the Christian Church in England is not robustly addressed. The Christian Church provides a large volume of noncommissioned, early intervention services.

Working with Christian Research and The Consultative Group on Ministry Amongst Children (CGMC), this pilot project has mapped the activities and levels of engagement with workforce reform amongst Churches. Recent developments in Children’s Workforce Reform have not yet established a pathway to effectively engage this sector, despite the declaration of value from the ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“Government ... cannot ignore the rich resources of the Third Sector and must not marginalize the massive contribution of faith communities across the UK”. (July 2008 at a No. 10 reception celebrating the work of faith based community projects)

We have aimed to eliminate from our results all activities that are an integral part of practising religion.

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